Customized Meeting Tables

Elevate collaboration with tailored meeting tables designed to fit your unique workspace needs.

Q. What dose a Conference Table Signify?

A conference table can say a lot about a business – especially if it’s custom-made to suit your needs and make a statement. Throughout the year, there are endless meetings to support your business. The office meeting table in Dubai in this process serves as a centerpiece of the workplace and therefore one must be really selective while choosing a table.

Modular conference tables are a good choice for offices because flexible meetings and learning environments can be set up easily, even at short notice.

Q. What are the different types of meeting tables?

1. Boardroom style - The setup for a boardroom-style conference room is very ѕimрlе. A classic meeting room style, where top executives talk around a central table, can be seen in countless movies and sitcoms.

It consists of a modern center table that’s oval or rectangular, surrounded by chairs. A video conferencing session or agenda-driven meeting is usually held using this system. A boardroom meeting room can typically accommodate 25 people.

With slope proximity to each other, this style is ideal for short sessions involving open discussion, like focus groups. You may want to consider this style of conference room if you have workshop sessions that require a mid-sized group of people to discuss things.

2. U-shaped style- In a U-shaped conference room, a series of rectangular, adjustable meeting tables are placed end to end to form a U. On the outside, chairs are arranged. It is suitable for presentations, video conferences, and training sessions.

Taking notes is easy with this seating arrangement since each group has its own table. Additionally, it facilitates communication between the speaker and the audience. Such layout for conference room tables can comfortably accommodate 25 people

These type of conference tables are quite versatile. It can be set up to allow multiple speakers to take turns entering the middle space during an intimate presentation. Meanwhile, participants may take notes and interact with each other, if prompted by the presenter as part of their presentation.

3. Classroom style- The classroom-style meeting room combines elements of several other conference table room types. Despite the fact that the audience still sits in rows facing one main speaker, they now have tables in front of them for taking notes.

This might be the perfect meeting room style for speakers who emphasize audience participation. For instance, the speakers may want to periodically ask people to discuss certain aspects of the conversation with their companions or perform minor tasks using props placed on the tables.

At MR FURNITURE, conference room tables are designed to make your conference room elegant and sophisticated. Our consultants strive to come up with a wide range of custom-made furniture and the best luxury office table in Dubai.

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