Modern High Cabinets

Sleek and contemporary tall cabinets are designed to elevate your storage space with a modern touch.

Q. How to choose high-quality cabinets in Dubai?

Running a business takes a lot of effort and an ample amount of focus. A quality cabinet serves as a helping hand in your daily multitasking. A daily pile of files and paperwork related to business problems must be arranged in an organized manner. Therefore, protecting these files from loss, theft or damage is a top priority. With the right filing storage solution and office storage units, this can easily be accomplished.

Like in every important purchasing process, there is a roadmap to shop for high office cabinets that we’ve written down for your convenience.

Storage requirement

There are some storage cabinets that offer add-ons that you can opt to purchase, perhaps after you get an idea of how the furniture will support your office or how flexible you want the storage function to be.

Will your needs primarily feature paper storage? If yes, it’s a good idea to look for an office storage cabinet that has multiple drop-down file systems for the most efficient use. However, if you’re going to need that much-dedicated room for storage, look for a modern filing high cabinet with shelves to customize it as per your needs.


To a large extent, the appearance of your office high cabinets or home office cabinets depends on their location. A modern filing cabinet that looks good will add to the aesthetics of your workspace, impacting the impression made on prospective clients, if the storage will be in a high-traffic area with people frequently passing by.

We have to keep many other things in mind and especially the following points must be followed while choosing the workplace cabinets.

Frequency of usages

For items that are frequently accessed, it is best to choose open shelves in the cabinet. On the other hand, if the storage is for keeping things that are of high value one should choose locker cabinets that have security facilities and are strong. These also are available in stainless metal cabinet finishes.


There are four standard sizes of vertical modern filing cabinets: 29 inches, 40 inches, 52 inches, and 60 inches. As the number of drawers in the design changes, the height of vertical files will change as well. In two-drawer files, the height is 29 inches, in three-drawer files, it is 40 inches, in four-drawer files, it is 52 inches, and in five-drawer cabinets, it is 60 inches

Q. How wide are standard high cabinets?

A letter-size file is usually 15 inches wide, while a legal-size file measures 18 to 14 inches. In a typical office cabinet, a drawer can hold up to 27 inches of files and measures 28 inches deep. There are also shallower cabinets, such as a 26 and a 1/2-inch deep cabinet with a 25-inch drawer depth. In addition, there is a file with a depth of 25 inches and a drawer size of 23 inches.

As another type, lateral cabinets vary in size depending on how many drawers they have, as well as their height. Typically, lateral cabinets with two drawers are 28 inches high, three-drawer models are 40 inches high, and four-drawer models are 60 to 63 inches tall. The height of a five-drawer file is between 64 and 66 inches. Widths of lateral files maybe 30-44 inches.

At MR FURNITURE, shop from a range of pieces in bespoke finishes like gesso or dark oak wood for stunning pieces that’ll impress any design or layout. We offer personalized space management and consultancy options to help you decide what kind of high office cabinet you need.

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