Modern Classic Office Sofas

Seamlessly blend style and comfort with our collection of modern, classic office sofas.


There are various options with different sizes, shapes, and colors available that might overwhelm you and affect the image you had in your mind. A modern office sofa is an essential piece of furniture in offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, etc. careful planning is required while choosing the size, configuration, and other texture finishes.

Based on the reviews of our expert consultants and designers, we have put together 5 essential points which will guide you to buy an office sofa online and help your selection process at MR FURNITURE.

  1. Comfort comes first
  2. It goes without saying that your office furniture before anything else, should be comfortable because you spend hours on them. The first preference therefore must go to your office sofa because that’s the place where your clients or employees sit with a subconscious hope for relaxation.

  3. Size and shape of your room
  4. Did you carefully examine the size of the area where you’re going to keep your new modern office sofa?

    Yes, It is essential as this will assist you in deciding whether you need a single-seater, 2-seater, U-shaped, or L-shape sofa for your office. Also, it should be placed in a way so that gives ample space to your other pieces of furniture and shouldn’t be a hindrance to the movement in the area. If you have a small office, go for a compact-size sofa with in-built storage. Fortunately, we have sofas to fit these diverse needs ranging from Chesterfield single seater to Roma three seater. You must go through our website to explore the range.

  5. Office Aesthetics
  6. Your character is defined by the extended expression which your office furniture creates. A sense of consistency is essential in your office furniture as it makes your space more united. The modern office sofas complement the other aesthetics of your space. You’ll have to make sure that the designs and the styles that you decide should make your luxury office sofa a focal point of your office.

    For contemporary taste, you can have a glossy design with clean lines while experimenting with different colors when you look for the best office sofa. For offices that have a wide-ranged touch, you can go for vintage designs.

  7. Material, color, and design
  8. Functionality always must be kept above appearance while buying any piece of furniture. When you are looking for your new office sofa in Dubai make sure that it lasts for at least 5-10 years. The level of resistance and durability are the factors that matter the most and will help your luxury office sofa survive. Chesterfield two seater sofa with plywood legs and leather finish is easy to clean and lasts for a good number of years.

    Considering all these points, before you buy your modern office sofa, take care of what type of workplace you want to create. Once you are decisive enough, we are here to handle the rest of your issues. Our work at MR FURNITURE doesn’t end with providing luxury office sofas, we also manufacture other office furniture completely customized and delivered to your doorstep.

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