Comfortable Office Chairs

Ergonomically designed office chairs provide exceptional comfort and support during work hours.

Q. What to consider before buying an office chair?

When buying office furniture, people tend to spend more on an office desk than an office chair. But if you consider how many hours you spend sitting on the chair and how important it is for your overall health and productivity, it would be the other way round. An average office worker spends about 54 hours per week in the office; easy to assume a bulk of it is spent sitting in an office chair.

There is a range of factors to consider when you buy an office chair online or by any other means. In addition to aesthetics and price, you must consider how the chair will function on a regular basis. The following are some tips to help you purchase your modern office chair in Dubai while helping you in the selection process.

What should you consider for the best ergonomic chair?

Height adjustable seat

Does your chair adjust accordingly, or do you have to?

It’s important that the chair you choose is able to adjust its height according to your own, which makes your feet rest comfortably on the floor. This prevents strain on your back. To avoid tension on your shoulders, you must ensure that your arms reach easily to your desk. At MR FURNITURE, you can search for office chairs online that come with upholstered seating facilities designed with the S spine to support your back and it adjusts to your height. It specializes in three position lock mechanisms for a better experience which makes it your best office chair choice.

Adjustable backrest

Does your chair have your back?

Ideally, a modern office chair should have an adjustable backrest, so you can move the seat forward or backward. Due to the presence of such adjustments, the issue of sitting too back or in front can be prevented and this reduces strain on the thighs. We, as a solution, have a wide range of high-back chairs with lumbar support and knee tilt mechanism. Also, these chairs hold a three-position lock mechanism and sliding seat facility.

Breathable and comfortable material

Is your chair offering you some air?

You should sit on a chair that lets your body breathe. A fabric chair may be preferred by many, but new materials like mesh are lightweight and breathable. Using wood and plastic is not a great idea for modern office chairs as these can be highly comfortable for office employees to be seated on for long hours.

Your chair should also offer sufficient padding to maintain your comfort throughout the day. For this purpose, a Black mesh fabric chair can be your best office chair in Dubai as it’s designed in a way that allows air to enter through the ventilation design supported by tiny pores. The cushion lumbar serves as a support for correct body posture.

Consider Aesthetics

Obviously, it must look good too!

Choosing an office chair that suits your office's style is essential. Whether you want something traditional or trendy, you can find just the right chair for you with the proper consultation process that our designers let you go through. Your office chairs can contribute to setting the tone in your boardrooms, conference rooms, and chill areas.


  1. Ergonomic chairs
  2. When working long hours in the office, ergonomic chairs provide sufficient support and encourage neutral posture. Even though they are often more expensive, you save more in the long run since they are designed specifically to prevent disorders including cervical spondylosis, low back pain, poor posture, and blood circulation problems.

  3. Executive office chairs
  4. Office chairs typically come in all shapes and sizes, but executive chairs are the most opulent. The executive office chair is often used by higher-ups, as its name suggests. A high back, ample cushioning in the back, seat, and headrest, and superior materials like fine wood and leather give it an imposing appearance.

    MR FURNITURE offers an excellent range of office chairs, designed and proudly manufactured in Dubai. We are known for the excellence we hold in our services which makes you choose the best office chair fitting your needs

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