Designing Your Abode Of Work: An Ultimate Guide To Office Workstations In Saudi Arabia
Jun 06, 2024

Designing Your Abode Of Work: An Ultimate Guide To Office Workstations In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country with the fastest growing economy and hence businesses are changing the definition of workspaces to meet the modern trends of design. The right workstation is essential for comfort and productivity. Whether you want to set up a new workstation or renovate the existing one, choosing the right workstation is of prime importance.

Do you feel selecting the right furniture for your office might be a daunting task? Absolutely Not!! With multiple options available you might be worried about how to choose the perfect workstation. But don't worry. This blog will lead you through the ways to design your workplace that is not only appealing but also functions well.

Dive into this blog, which is the ultimate guide to “Designing Your Abode Of Work.”

Understanding The Concept Of Office Workstations:

Office workstations are well-designed areas in your office where employees perform their tasks to achieve your company’s overall goals. These spaces consist of chairs, desks, storage cabins, or partitions.

Effective workstations promote collaboration, teamwork, and wellness of employees. They provide ergonomic support and comfort during continuous working hours.

Look further at the factors that help you to create an efficient workspace.

Choosing The Right Workstations:

Before choosing the perfect workstation for your office, you need to keep some important things in mind:

  • Employee Needs: consider what types of furniture are suitable for productivity and comfortability
  • Company Culture: what environment do you want to create in your office?
  • Budget: how much will you be ready to spend on office furniture?

Balancing Comfort And Productivity In Contemporary Workstations:

The present-day workstations are no longer restricted to individual chair-desk setups. Having said that, a collaborative environment will encourage open structures that boost communication.

Open Workstations:

Modern workstations give importance to shared spaces which makes communication easier and gives flexibility to the workers to engage in conversation. The open workstation design prevents the wastage of space compared to individual cubicles. This type of design eliminates the hierarchical mindset so that each employee can contribute equally and enjoy shared learning.

Desks need to be clutter-free and free from paperwork. Using acoustical furniture helps to minimize the unusual sounds.

Ergonomic Design:

Care has to be taken while selecting the chairs/desks for your employees’ overall comfort. As he spends a longer time sitting, it is necessary to have chairs and desks that are ergonomically designed. Consider saddle chairs - that come with five-legged bases, casters, and a pneumatic cylinder for adjusting seat height. This chair allows the maintenance of the natural S curve of the spine and improves posture. Motion stools also allow motion in every direction.

Adaptable Desk Systems:

These are the perfect fit for offices with open and flexible layouts. They provide flexibility,  allow easy integration of technology, and can be helpful during expansion.

Similarly, sit-stand workstations are also available that can be customized as per employees’ preferences. It ensures that employees are not sitting throughout the day. Workers can shed their extra kilos and feel active and energetic.

Layout Is The Key:

Depending on your office layout, you can decide on suitable office furniture in Dubai like chairs and desks. Based on the space available, find out which desk suits your office, and whether there is enough space available to open drawers and cabinets.  You can even opt for bean bags or any casual furniture to utilize unused corners.

If you have a large available space, then you can play with a range of options. Secure some space for long tables to accommodate about 5 to 6 employees and enhance the remaining space with contemporary furniture. If most of your employees prefer to work with movable laptops, these designs create wonders and allow them to work as per their comfort.

Colors That Matter:

Colors play an important role in designing your office as they influence the psychology of the people. Incorporate vibrant colors like green, red, yellow, or blue into your office decor that brings energy,  focus, positivity, and productivity.

Green being the color of nature, promotes harmony, and reduces stress and anxiety. Try using green colors with some indoor plants and make them part of your brainstorming spaces to enhance creativity.

Blue is a very soothing color that symbolizes trust, promotes communication, and improves focus. Try adding water features to your workspace design.

Yellow symbolizes fun and engagement and it encourages innovation.

Use red color to the places that require maximum physical activity.

  1. Importance Of Lighting:

The use of natural lighting helps in the productivity of an employee. The workstations have to be designed such that most of the natural light has to be available. Ambient and overhead lighting can be used for spaces where there is absence of natural lighting. Task lights have also to be provided for night-shift workers or for those who work late nights.

Final Views:

The design of your office space will have a direct impact on your employees and also on productivity.

Wisely choose the right design of your workspace to promote creativity, positivity, and collaboration. Invest in contemporary furniture that comes with adjustable features and that provides comfort and relaxation to your workers.

Share your thoughts and provide your feedback.


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  1. Why Is It Important To Have Open Space Design In Your Workspace?
  • Designing your workstation with provision for ample workspace will promote collaboration, and relaxation, and reduce cluttering. It removes hierarchy among the employees and creates good bonding between team members.
  1. What Role Do Colours Play In Office Design?
  • Colors impact people’s psychology. Minimize the use of black or gray colors in your office as they distract the workers instead use vibrant colours such as blue, red, green, and allow as they allow positivity, give relaxation, promote creativity, and optimize productivity.


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