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How we bring your office space dream to life?

MR Furniture’s design and layout are tailored to promote collaboration, creativity, and comfort. We follow a detailed process to meet your end to end customization needs. Our highly qualified, creative, and skilled team ensures to deliver top-notch outcomes with premium quality and given time frame, making teams work efficiently and effectively.

Get your office space customized today to create a difference in your work environment where people truly thrive.


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Space and Budget planning

Utilize the specialized interior design services of MR FURNITURE to efficiently plan and create your office space. For market-leading office solutions, our team offers expert space management, automated order systems, and budget planning.

Made in UAE

1000+ satisfied businesses / brands with a space of their dreams. Offering supply and installation capabilities in the UAE - MENA region, working on revolutionizing the office space industry with every space we create & customize.

Manufacturing Facility

All the products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art 25,000 sqft. facility. We manufacture the customized furniture in our plant using the latest technologies, materials and designs while keeping your requirement in mind.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture


Best Sellers

These unique products are crafted from the best quality material and modern designs. We promise a smooth process to finalize the designs, styles, and comforts. There are plenty of exclusive office furniture store options to choose from for your space.

Here is a glimpse of what we have done for customer satisfaction.

Customize your office furniture with MR FURNITURE

MR FURNITURE, based in Dubai, specializes in modern office furniture. We, as a quality office furniture manufacturer in Dubai, understand that every piece of furniture in your office is the equipment that aids your employees in staying organized and focused on their goals. The space planning of your office can affect your work culture and, thereby, the growth and success of your business.

MR FURNITURE is dedicated to addressing the demand for your office. We aim to develop customized modern office furniture that meets your objectives and expectations. All the products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art 25,000 sqft. facility. A base of almost 1000+ satisfied customers is proof of our high-quality products. We understand your demands, whether you are a fresh startup or an established firm, which is why we provide you the option of selecting from the most diverse range of forms, sizes, and styles of contemporary customized office furniture in Dubai.

From modern executive desks to smart workstations, we have a unique collection of fascinating furniture styles to meet your expectations. In other words, if office furniture stores have convinced you to compromise style for comfort or you cannot get everything from one place, think again. Our professional team assures the greatest assortment of contemporary office furniture in the UAE using the most advanced technologies.

We provide you with multiple unique product designs and décor options to choose from. Our passionate and dedicated team of experts visits your office to understand your space and work culture thoroughly. We don't believe in designing your office; we believe in shaping your ideal workstation with a touch of customization.

We are one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in Dubai, UAE. So, choose furniture personalized according to your needs and aspirations that expresses your individuality, and bestows all your pleasant energies. MR FURNITURE provides an ideal balance of elegance, class, and commitment.

Q. Why choose MR FURNITURE for your office furniture needs in Dubai?

Choosing the right furniture for your office which you’ll likely use for years can be challenging. You need furniture that comes out just perfectly for your office. Browsing through the MR FURNITURE website, you will find the right office furniture for sure.

  • With years of industrial experience, MR FURNITURE is Dubai’s leading name in bespoke and modern office furniture design and planning.
  • We have a vision to conduct business responsibly and provide project solutions that set standards for other companies to follow.

Bespoke Office Furniture

With adaptable dimensions and superior craftsmanship, we create custom furniture that fits your personality. With a single point of contact to deal with, it's a seamless and effortless process that ensures you get the most affordable office furniture in Dubai.

Designs and Ideas Consultancy

MR FURNITURE promises you, fit-out experts, as we have a registered building company and a design firm, and as such, we specialize in concepts and plans for offices.

Our passion for design leads us to provide the best office furniture in Dubai. We curate modern office furniture and provide our customers with unique and customizable designs.

UAE based

Our state-of-the-art 25000 square feet factory produces products for our numerous office furniture stores across Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. The quality of our products can be seen in the smiles of 1000+ happy clients we have.

  • It is our goal to revolutionize the concept of space planning and office Furniture layout.
  • It is our passion for designing that makes us the go-to provider of office furniture in Dubai. With MR FURNITURE, you can choose desirable office furniture easily. Designing modern office furniture and providing amazing and customizable options for our customers is what we do.


Considering your role as a manager, what kind of office would you want to work in for over half of your life?

Creating a workplace that allows you and your co-workers to function efficiently is important, but you also want to make sure they can enjoy the process.

Office furniture can help you create an environment in which someone would enjoy spending a good deal of time. Invest a little time reading this and you will be able to build the office of your dreams.

Desk and chairs (basics of office furniture)

The open, minimalist floor plan is gaining popularity these days and has affected what type of furniture you need. It cannot, however, remove the basics: a desk and a chair.

There are some companies that are moving to less structured workplaces without desks. There are, however, some businesses that would not benefit from this approach.

What type of chairs does your office needs?

Two things are important to keep in mind when selecting a chair to spend most of your time in; comfort and ergonomics.

For almost 40 hours a week, employees of an office sit and work on the same chair which might not be a pleasing experience if the chair is not comfortable.

Ergonomics might be a bit complicated but also the most essential while planning your modern office furniture layout. You should find a chair with a backrest, an adjustable seat height, and a headrest, as well as good seat depth and stability.

Meeting spaces: a place to brainstorm ideas

Having a meeting table in your office space is very essential regardless of what type of office you run. This space is ideal for brainstorming among co-workers, meeting clients, or conducting staff meetings.

Keeping all this in mind, you’ll be willing to purchase some large desks and tables for your meeting tables. Office furniture stores and outlets in Dubai give you the ease of selecting meeting tables according to your space. As one of the leading office furniture suppliers, we also offer technical site visits and efficiently deliver thorough PSB logistics.

Storage and organizers

More than you can imagine, the scattered files and documents create an unprofessional environment which also hampers the mental productivity of an employee.

Do you need to store client files? Are there physical inventory items that need to be stored at your office?

For these purposes, MR FURNITURE has presented a wide range of low and high-height cabinets for your space to collect all the documents and credentials that are not meant to be lying or scattered around. Whether you choose metallic or wooden cupboards based on your modern office furniture setting, they will come in handy in keeping your office space organized and neat and offer a professional look.

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